Adding chat rooms to sponsor zones

Follow these simple steps:

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated July 20 2021

If you would like to have a dedicated "video drop in" session in a sponsor zone, this can be done by creating a "live breakout" session in the Sessions tab of your Console sidebar. Remember to set the time and date to the appropriate drop-in hours, and assign the relevant sponsor representatives as hosts.

Tip: if your sponsor would like to only welcome a limited number of people at one time, you can limit the capacity. Remember to include the sponsor hosts in this number. 

To make sure the live chat room appears in the sponsor zone but not on your event homepage be sure to: 

  1. Remove the session from the All active sessions playlist in the Playlist tab of the Console sidebar, and do not add it to any new playlists you create. 
  2. Go into the relevant sponsor zone, navigate to the Sessions tab and add the breakout session here. 

If your sponsor zone is set up to have sponsor representatives listed, there will also be chat and meeting buttons that can be used by attendees to schedule a personal conversation with a specific representative during the event.