Adding polls to sessions

Follow the steps below to learn about how you can include polls within specific sessions!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated March 8 2022

Within step 2, navigate to the polls tab of the console sidebar.

To create a poll:

Select create and work through the set up options available i.e. type of poll, title and poll question.

- Upon reaching session, choose which specific session that the poll should appear in.

- Other allows your attendees to input an answer, different to the ones specified.
Upon selecting 'other' a 'label' option will appear. This enables you to input text about the 'other' option available.

- Open in allows you to decide whether the poll should appear within either the interactive bar of the session or as a pop up - Select accordingly.

- Under Status select active to ensure that poll becomes 'live' and is visible from the front end.

- Display allows you to choose whether the poll should only appear within the chosen session or whether it should also be visible within the 'session & polls page'.

- Target attendees enables you to control who sees the poll. Do you want to target the poll to a specific attendee group?

- If you want the poll to become visible at a certain point within a session, you can schedule the start & end time accordingly. 

- Once you have worked through the other set up options select save.

To check over the newly created poll, now go into sessions and select the session which the poll has been set to appear in. 

Scroll to the bottom, find the polls tab and here you will find the poll that you've created. Check the status to ensure that it's Active and if you wish to change how the poll appears (either as a pop up or within the interactive tab) you can do so under open in.