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Audio and video settings for meetings and live breakout sessions

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated March 24 2022

When joining your first call, you will be prompted to give Canapii permission to access your microphone and camera to be able to speak/hear other attendees. To enable this, click Allow.

At the start of every call, a readiness checker will appear on screen. Here you can select the appropriate microphone, speaker and camera (you are also able to select the quality of your webcam). You'll also find the options to add a background filter & upload your business's logo. 

Once your microphone, speaker and camera settings have been selected, we suggest that you double-check to ensure that your choices are working with the preview checker
The preview checker enables you to:

  • Check your microphone is picking you up by speaking and watching the bar under "preview" move as you talk.
  • Check that the correct camera is connected
  • Check the correct speaker is connected by clicking ‘test’ and listening out for the test sound.

When everything looks good, click Join!


If you are having issues hearing or speaking on a call double-check the following:

  • Is any other program using your mic? Check if you have another call open or the settings in Zoom/Teams that could be using your mic.
  • Checking camera and microphone permissions in Chrome:
        1. At the top right, click More and then Settings.
        2. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.
        3. Click Camera or Microphone.
        4. Turn on or off Ask before accessing.
        5. Review your blocked and allowed sites and make sure both camera and microphone is allowed to be used by Canapii.

Tip: Make sure to avoid having a bright light source such as a window behind you!