Creating custom registration fields

Gather attendee information & data by creating your own unique registration fields!

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 13 2022

Registration is the best time to gather information from your attendees, so why not customize it and get the specific information you need?

Simply select the Registration tab in your event Console sidebar.

Next, select the Attributes tab. 

Here you will see some basic attributes that you can enable/disable and also decide which will be mandatory for your attendees to complete before finalizing their registration.

Below the basic attributes section, you will see a Create button. Select this to be taken to a dialogue box that will give you numerous options to create the specific type of registration fields that you desire. Simply enter the name of the field you are collecting such as "Name" or "Favorite ice cream flavor" and select the type. The types of registration fields currently include:

  • [Textbox] Single line text
  • [Textarea] Multiple line text
  • [Dropdown] Single select
  • [Radio] Single select
  • [Dropdown] Multiple select
  • [Checkbox] Multiple select
  • [File] Single file upload

Enabling an "other option" for the [Radio] and [Dropdown] Single select will add an "other" option to the drop-down that when selected will allow registrants to type in their own answer.

You can also add "help text" to show up beneath the field area to prompt your registrants and give guidance on the type of information you need.