Custom welcome emails & registration questions

Event admins can customize the welcome emails attendees receive once they register with certain tickets. These are referred to as 'confirmation emails' within Canapii

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated January 14 2022

Custom welcome emails

Custom emails are linked to specific tickets. In order to use this feature you must have at least one ticket created for your event.

  • Navigate to your registration tab of the event Console side bar and select the ticket tab.
  • Select the ticket that you would like to add a custom welcome email to.
  • Click enable custom email.

Next you should see a boiler plate welcome email appear below your ticket information called ticket welcome email. Here you are able to upload a custom banner, edit the copy of your welcome email and also include any custom attachments.

Note: If you do not enable a custom email for a ticket, attendees will receive the default confirmation email. This is found in the registration section under the confirmation email tab.

Using placeholder codes to personalize your welcome emails:

You can use the following markdown codes in your welcome emails to pull relative information from both your attendees' profile and event information:

Placeholder code Result
{event} Pulls the full name of the event
{firstname} Pulls the first name of the user
{lastname} Pulls the last name of the user
{email} Pulls the user's email address

Custom registration attributes

If you would like to customize what registration questions are asked for different tickets you can scroll down to the bottom of a ticket's page and enable, disable, or reset basic and custom attributes.

  • The default status column tells your whether the attribute is included in all tickets by default.
  • The ticket status column will tell you whether the attribute is enabled or disabled for this specific ticket.