Setting a default language as part of event ticketing

How to change the language for an event using the registration settings

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated Jan 13 2021

Organizers can automatically translate an event by amending the link that is sent out to attendees.

  • Navigate to the registration tab within step 1 of the event console sidebar.
  • Underneath tickets select the ticket.
  • Under register link, you'll find the ticket URL. Copy the URL and at the end of the registration link add ?lang= followed by the 2 letter language code. Language code shortcuts should always be in lowercase.
  • Share the URL via email or another channel with your prospective attendees.

When attendees click the link, they'll see a version of the site in the language chosen by the organizer without needing to take any action on their end. 

Remember: Each ticket has its own unique registration URL. You can display your Canapii event in multiple languages by creating multiple ticket types, then adding different language code shortcuts to each ticket link.

An example of a registration link, featuring a language code: 

    • Registration link for a VIP ticket:  (
    • The ticket should be translated to French, therefore to this I will add ?lang=fr 
      This link now becomes:
    • This now translates the attendees registration process into French and also sets their default event language to French when accessing the event.

A full list of the language codes that are supported for this process are found here.