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Using Google, Facebook, Apple or LinkedIn to access Canapii

Both admins and attendees can use these single sign-on (SSO) options when accessing Canapii

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 19 2022

Logging into an event platform:

Attendees can access an event platform by navigating to the specific event's platform login page and selecting one of the single sign on (SSO) options from the left hand panel.

Note: If you have an existing Canapii account and would like to use another sign in option, the emails used for your Canapii account and the additional option (Facebook, Apple, etc.) must match

Once a user has selected a SSO option they will be temporarily redirected to the appropriate platform portal where they will be required to enter either their login information.

They will then be able to customize the information shared between the two platforms. 

Once confirmed they will be taken back to the event platform and signed into the event platform.

Log into the Canapii console:

Admins and attendees can also use this feature to log into the Canapii console. 

Simply navigate to the Canapii login page

Select one of the SSO options and follow the same steps outlined above to access an event console or a full list of events you are attending or managing.

Sign up for a Canapii account:

Users can sign up for a Canapii account by navigating to the Canapii login page and selecting the sign up option from the left hand panel.

This will take you to the sign up page where you can create an account from scratch using an email and password or by selecting one of the SSO options.

Simply follow the same steps outlined above to complete your account creation.

Can event admins restrict what types of single sign on options are available to attendees?

Yes. Navigate to the registration tab of your event Console under step 1. Next select the social media SSO tab and use the toggles to define which of the SSO options will appear on your platforms login and registration pages.