Can sponsors upload their own materials?

Assign sponsor teams access to their designated sponsor zones!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 27 2022

Event admins have full access and control to all areas of an event. They can also provide permissions for sponsor teams with access to sponsor booths, to enable them to upload their booth and upload content!

Sponsor admins can only change the data within their Sponsor zone which is ideal if your sponsor wants to manage their own page layout & assets upload. 

Note: This feature is currently only available for Professional Services plan customers.

To create a sponsor admin:

1. Under step 1, go into general settings and within the menu, enable sponsor admins:

2. Go into the sponsors tab within step 2 of the console & then click into the sponsor page/zone.

Note: An event admin will need to first create the sponsor zone in order to assign sponsor admins. This is done by selecting create and filling in a few details for the specific sponsor. The sponsor admin you assign will be able to update this information once they have access to the event console.

3. Scroll down to the tabs at the bottom of the sponsor area and you will find an Admins tab appear within the selection. Select the Admins tab and then click add admin. Here, simply input the sponsor admins email address and provide permissions for the areas of the booth which they can have access to:

Lastly select save

Note: The newly assigned sponsor admin won't receive an email notification advising that they've been assigned to the sponsor's booth. Instead, they'll see a manage tab within their master Console (just as an event admin would have). 
The manage tab will only provide them with access to their own sponsor zone. The sponsor admin won't have access to other areas within the platform,  without an admin providing the necessary permissions.