What is gamification?

How to get your game on!

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 5 2022

How does gamification work? 

Gamification encourages attendee interaction and engagement throughout an event and Canapii enables admins to set up gamification into their own events. This means that when gamified actions are performed, attendees can earn points!

  • Any action within the platform can be gamified i.e. booking a meeting, asking a question, leaving a comment, posting a photo to the gallery, sending a chat message and watching a session
  • It’s a point-based system, meaning that points will be allocated for each action once completed
Can attendees see their progress?
  • Attendees have access to a 'my progress' profile to enable them to track their personal points. It also provides a breakdown of their point allocation and history
  • Attendees can use this to plan what they still need to engage with, in order to win more points

Leaderboard and ranking 

  • Attendees are able to view their personal ranking, as well as a live leader board. The leader board will update whenever someone is awarded points
  • Leaderboards can be broken down by attendee type or displayed as an overall event wide standing

Gamification rules  

  • Attendees will find a 'rules' tab on the front end of the platform. This enables them to know exactly what actions will earn them points and how many for each
  • Ultimately, this motivates attendees to complete actions to earn the most points!