Canapii's greenroom guide

Motivator, driver, and professional users have access to Canapii's green room software - a built-in live stream management solution that allows you to broadcast directly from the platform and curate a seamless livestream experience!

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated April 21, 2022

What does the green room do?

The green room functionality allows a Host to manage the backend of a live stream session on Canapii. Think of the green room as an embedded live stream production solution to streamline your events. Use the green room to gather all of your speakers and seamlessly control who is live to the audience, who's screen is being shared and more!

Who can use the green room?

The green room is available for up to 5 hours per user, per month on motivator and driver plans. The amount of time that you have left to stream per month will appear in your account section.

If you'd like a longer stream time, you can request this as part of a professional services plan. 

The key features and functionality of the green room include:

- A speakers queuing system

- A speakers holding room

- Private one-on-one calls between speakers and administrators

- Private chat functionality between speakers and administrators

- Live polling, Q&A and analytics

- Up to 16 video feeds shown at one time

- Custom background selection

- Holding music - (The holding room utilizes a screen-share feature to work & therefore a single user is unable to screen-share for other purposes i.e. a presentation, as-well-as play the holding music).

- Play a pre-recorded video - (This feature utilizes a screen-share feature to work & therefore a single user is unable to play a pre-recorded video as-well-as play the holding music).

The four viewpoints of the green room are:


  • An administrator has the controls to mute/unmute users
  • Add & remove users
  • Start the live broadcast

    If the administrator is promoted to the session 'host', they'll have the additional privileges:
  • Choose layouts 
  • Move users between live & the holding room


  • The Host will manage the broadcast, choose layouts, promote users & accept users trying to access the greenroom. We suggest the Host privileges should be limited to a maximum of two users. 


  • The Speaker is the session's guest and therefore, won't have any admin permissions. 
  • The Speaker will have a separate, simplified view of the greenroom with toggles for their camera and microphone selections.
  • Speakers can see others who are currently live and presenting with them or others who are in the same holding room (great for pre-presentation discussions and planning). A speaker's view is streamlined to provide them with a simple interface so all they need to focus on is their presentation.


  • Attendees view the livestream just like any other session on the event platform. Attendees cannot turn on their mic or video feed and are only allowed to watch the broadcast and participate in polling and Q&A.