Creating dedicated sponsor zone representatives

Create dedicated sponsor representatives within sponsor booths simply by creating a ticket!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 17 2022

Representatives are super important to enable attendees to engage & interact with your event's sponsors. Follow these steps to ensure that sponsor representatives are visible within their respective sponsor zones:

  • Within Tickets (step 1) create individual tickets for each of your sponsors. Representatives of each sponsor will register under their ticket accordingly
  • Within Sponsors (step 2) update the sponsor's settings page by clicking update.
    • Under the Ticket drop down, select the newly created sponsor's ticket
  • Share the ticket's registration link with the sponsor representatives. This will ensure that upon registration, they are categorized and are pulled through as representatives of their specific sponsor.

    Additionally, anyone registering under the ticket registration link, will have their attendee profile added to that sponsor's zone