Creating playlists

Create playlist rows to host video content!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated Jan 14 2022

You'll find playlist on the front end of an event in the form of rows. Playlist rows are made up of the sessions/video content that you create. In a similar way to Netflix, they can be themed to your specification i.e. horror, romance & comedy.  

To begin, select playlists underneath step 2. 

To create a new playlist, select create and work your way through the following options:

  • Name: The title of the row which will also be visible on the front end i.e. "sustainability" or "leadership".
  • Layout: Design the playlist rows by selecting either dynamic, blocks, or popular content. Our favorite is dynamic, but don’t just take our word for it! Have a play around yourself to determine which look works best for your event.
  • Status: Select either active for the playlist to be visible on the front end or inactive if hidden from view. 
  • Show sessions title/time: Select accordingly whether the sessions title and/or time should be visible.
  • Visible in: 
    Homepage - Playlist rows that are visible within the event landing page.
    Video on demand - Playlists which are only visible within a VOD feature page (please see the dedicated article to provide you with more information about how to utilize this feature). 
    Both: Visible within both the landing page and VOD feature page.
  • Sort by: The Sort functionality helps you define the order of sessions within each row. 
  • Target attendees: Target playlists to specific attendee types i.e. If the playlist is called 'sales' you might want to target it to only members of the sales team. 

Select save and click back into the newly created playlist to pull through your sessions. Find the sessions tab at the bottom of the page, select add session and tick the sessions you wish to pull through to the playlist. 

The sort functionality here (arrows) helps you to define the order of sessions within each row. 

If you've toggled any sessions as 'visible', they can be found within a default row called all visible sessions. This playlist will always be active (visible on the front end) unless you change the status to inactive. You can change the status by selecting the playlist and updating accordingly.

Note: We suggest that your sessions are created before you begin working on the playlists.