Event agenda, my agenda & home agenda

Different ways to present your event agenda with optional interactive elements, such as booking & downloadable ICS files for attendees.

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated April 8, 2022

Give your attendees the ability to build, view, and manage their own agendas or just access an event wide agenda. If enabled, users can download calendar files and book sessions directly from dedicated pages in your event platform. 

If you prefer a more simple event agenda display, you can enable a home agenda that will showcase your agenda on the homepage of your event directly below any default or secondary highlight banners

Home agenda

This feature will first need to be enabled under general settings > other settings > home agenda. This will create a new page in your event Console that will allow you to use our text editor to create dynamic event agendas that will live on your platform homepage beneath the default and secondary banners.

You can upload a background image for the descriptor text, create tables, insert images and more to create a polished agenda look.

Create as many as you would like and they will appear as separate tabs, this is great for showcasing multi-day agendas.

Event agenda

In the general settings page, locate the menu panel and enable event agenda

This will create a tab on your event homepage that your attendees can use to view all of the visible sessions that they have access to. The default view for the event agenda is calendar style, but attendees can adjust this to list view by clicking the list icon in the upper right corner. 

Note: the event agenda does not include video on demand sessions, since those are available at the attendee's convenience.

Booking sessions on event agenda page

In order to utilize the booking function, event admins will need to enable booking from the appropriate session's settings page. This will add a '+' icon in the upper right corner of the session tile in the event agenda that users can use to build out their agenda. These 'booked' sessions are then pulled through to their my agenda which will also need to be enabled from your platform's general settings > menu page.

Adding session to external calendars

If an attendee uses the event agenda tab to book sessions, they also have the option to download an ICS file to add to their calendar. Again this function will need to be enabled on a per session basis via the session's settings page (download calendar button toggle).

If selected, they'll see a pop-up asking if they want to add the booked session to their own personal calendar. There is also a dedicated button at the upper right of the page to download the entire event agenda. Clicking the download calendar option will download an ICS file, which can be imported into an outside app such as Google calendar or Outlook calendar.

Session search

Whether you're organizing or attending larger events, you'll be likely to find many sessions      within the event agenda. To make filtering easier, here you'll find a 'search' icon. Simply enter the name of the session that you're looking for here for a quicker search!

My agenda

In the general settings page, locate the menu panel and enable my agenda

Enabling the my agenda option will create a separate tab on your event homepage with a dynamic view of the attendee's own booked sessions. This will also add a my agenda panel to the interactive bar on the homepage.

 In my agenda, the default view is list of all sessions they have books. They also have tabs they can click through to quickly sort between different types of sessions:

      • All (this will show them every session they have booked - including meetings)
      • Sessions (this will show then sessions they have booked - excluding meetings)
      • Meetings (this will show them all of their accepted meetings)
      • Recommended (this will show them any sessions that have been tagged as recommended - this can tagged in each session's settings page)

Note: any session that is tagged as mandatory (via the session's settings page) will automatically show up under the all and sessions tabs of this page.

Remember: you can always add sessions to a specific registered attendee's event agenda and my agenda by scrolling down to the attendees tab in the session's settings page and adding them there. This is a great way to build high level users' event experience.

Similar to the event agenda, sessions and meetings in the my agenda page will include a download calendar button (if enabled) which downloads an ICS file to the viewer's device. 

Session search

Whether you're organizing or attending a larger event, you're likely to find many sessions      within your agenda. To make filtering through the sessions easier, you'll find a
'search' icon. Simply enter the name of the session that you're looking for here for a quick search!