FAQs about networking


Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated Jan 20 2022

If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please reach out to us at help@canapii.com.


Q: What is networking?

A: Networking is the ability for attendees to meet and discuss topics related to your event's purpose. Admins can enable attendees to meet and schedule meetings with each other under the meetings tab of your event Console sidebar. Attendees also have the ability to chat with each other in chatrooms, or directly from the attendees page if enabled.


Q: Do you need to have an attendee list to be able to network?

A: No. However the attendees page of your event will allow attendees to see and filter through the other attendees at your event.  From this page, attendees can schedule meetings, chat, and meet now. 


Q: Can I limit networking to specific people?

A: Admins can manage which attendees can interact with each other by going to the meetings tab of the event Console, selecting settings and then selecting the who can meet tab. You can also hide individual attendees from networking by selecting the attendee from the attendees tab in the event Console. Once you have selected your attendee you can scroll down to the networking settings tab and disable their networking privileges or block out specific meeting time slots.


Q: What is the difference between "meet now" and "schedule a meeting"?

A: The meet now option will send the recipient attendee an email notification and/or text notification (if enabled) stating that you would like to meet with them. Should they accept, they will be taken to a private meeting room with the attendee who requested the meeting. The schedule a meeting option will allow attendees to set up a meeting at a future date and/or time with multiple attendees if desired. Recipient attendees will still receive email/text notifications depending on their notification preferences set in their user profile.


Q: How long can my meeting last? Can I extend my meeting?

A: Meeting duration is managed by admins when creating meeting time slots. Attendees can extend the meetings past the allotted time simply by staying in the meeting until they are finished.


Q: Can I meet with more than one person?

A: Yes, attendees can have the option of setting up meetings with multiple attendees or a single attendee.


Q: Can I record my meeting?

A: Yes, if the meeting is hosted with Canapii then you will be able to enable the record option in the create/edit meeting page. You will be able to download the recordings from that same page later. You'll know the meeting is being recorded by the recording indicator on the video feed. 


Q: Can I limit when networking is available? 

A: Yes, admins can set up meeting slots in the meetings tab of the event Console side bar. These meeting slots will dictate when attendees can schedule meetings with one another.


If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please reach out to us at help@canapii.com.