FAQs about registration

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated July 22, 2022

If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please reach out to us at info@canapii.com.


Q: Can I run my registration using Canapii?

A: Yes, Canapii will generate unique registration links for each ticket you create


Q: How does registration work?

A: Once admins create tickets for the event, Canapii will generate unique registration links for each ticket. Admins are responsible for sharing these links with their prospective attendees. Once clicked, these links will take your attendees to your registration page, where they will create a Canapii account (if they do not have one yet) and fill out registration questions you've included. They will then be able to access the event if the platform is 'live.'


Q: What type of registration fields are supported?

A: You can control which registration fields are asked when attendees are registering for your event. We offer a large array of basic fields to choose from but also offer the option for you to create your own unique registration fields to gather specific, granular data fit to your needs. You can find these options under the attributes tab of your registration section in your event Console side bar. 


Q: Does Canapii support paid for tickets? 

A: Yes, we are proud to partner with Stripe for all payment processing needs. Connect your Stripe account within the integrations tab under step 2 of your event console sidebar.


Q: How do I connect my Stripe account? 

A: Navigate to the Integrations tab of the event Console sidebar. Select the Stripe tile to add your Stripe details.


Q: Can I create different ticket types, with different rules?

A: Yes. This is done in the tickets tab of the registration section under step 1 of the event Console sidebar. Click into a specific ticket and scroll down to the basic attributes and custom attributes tab to enable and disable different registration questions for that specific ticket.


Q: What is the difference between an attendee type and a ticket type?

A: An attendee type is used to design and control attendee experience (like only allowing attendee types 'A' the ability to see a certain session while attendee types 'B' and 'C' do not see that particular session. A ticket type is used to define registration experience, like offering tickets at different prices or capacities (think a set number of cheaper "early-bird" tickets compared to a regular ticket at full price).


Q: Can I create ticket types for specific attendees only?

A: Yes, although we recommend keeping these to a minimum.


Q: Can I be notified when people register for my event?

A: Yes.  Admins can enter admin emails under the registration admins section of the registration tab. This will send email notifications whenever an attendee registers for your event. Canapii also offers integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack in the integrations tab so that your team is up to date as attendees register.


Q: Can I make registration live before my event platform is ready?

A: Absolutely! Once you are happy with your registration pages, you can begin sending prospective attendees the registration links found in the tickets tab of your registration section. You can also enable or disable your registration at anytime using the toggle button found on the ticket tab.


Q: How do I see who has registered? 

A: Admins can see who has registered for an event under the attendees tab located in the event Console sidebar.


Q: Can I control who is able to register for a ticket?

A: Admins can control who is able to register for a specific ticket by using the restrictions button found when clicking into a specific ticket. Add your approved emails here or include an entire email domain as well! Any emails or email domains NOT listed here will not be able to register for this particular ticket.



If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please reach out to us at info@canapii.com.