FAQs about sessions

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  Last updated April 21, 2022

If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please reach out to us at info@canapii.com.


Q: What are sessions? 

A: Sessions are pieces of content that your attendees interact with. 


Q: What types of sessions does Canapii support? 

A: Sessions can take the form of live streams, videos on demand, live breakouts (think webinars), simulive (simulated livestream), or redirects to internal or external URLs.


Q: What is the difference between live stream, simulive, and live breakout? 

A: A livestream is a one-way broadcast that allows attendees to watch in real-time. Simulive sessions will autoplay for your attendees like a livestream, but they are pre-recorded videos that can be scheduled (you can also give your attendees permission to pause, rewind, and restart if you'd like). A live breakout is similar to a virtual webinar with speakers or "hosts" that are able to take turns presenting and interacting with participants. Live breakouts can use Canapii's integrated video conferencing platform for free or you may integrate your Zoom account if you prefer via the integrations tab of your event Console sidebar under step 2.


Q: How many people can view and participate in sessions? 

A: You can set a limit to the number of attendees for a particular session or allow unlimited attendees in each session's settings. Currently, live breakout sessions using our integrated video conferencing platform will allow up to 250 participants with up to 16 screen tiles shown at once. Zoom integrated live breakout sessions allow up to 200 participants for Zoom meetings or 500-1000 participants for a Zoom webinar depending on your licensing. All other sessions (VOD, simu-live and live stream) do not have a participant limit unless you denote one under the capacity option when creating the session


Q: Does Canapii support "forced" breakout rooms? 

A: Yes, admins have the option to randomly or manually assign attendees to any number of breakout rooms that are nested within a primary session. These breakout sessions also support hosts' capabilities and full management from the Console in real-time. Simply navigate to your session and select the enable breakout rooms button at the top of the screen, then scroll down and locate the breakout rooms tab. This is where you can create and manage your 'nested' breakout rooms.


Q: How do I decide how sessions appear on the homepage? 

A: The playlist tab in your event Console sidebar is where admins can organize sessions into different rows of content on your homepage. You can also change the look and feel of these rows by playing around with the layout options for playlists: blocks, dynamic, and popular.


Q: How does the playlist work?

A: The playlist shows your related sessions in rows similar to a Netflix homepage. You can order, edit the appearance, and choose different playlist styles in the playlist tab of your event console sidebar.


Q: What are the image dimensions for my session boxes? 

A: Session banners are 1920 x 1080 (only the central 1620 x 1080 area will be visible in the playlist preview.) The visible area as a secondary banner is up to 1920 x 175. The visible area as highlight banner is up to 1920x500 as standard. 


Q: What does it mean to upload a preview video? 

A: Session banners or session tiles have an "upload preview video" section under the assets tab of the session's settings page. If your session is set as a highlight banner, the preview video will appear at the top of the page and autoplay within the highlight section and when the session tile hovered on in the playlist. Preview videos should be in .mp4 format. 


Q: Can I decide if sessions are private or public?

A: Yes, by navigating to the particular session in your event console, you may then toggle the private/public option to decide who is able to view the session. 


Q: How do I assign attendees to a private session? 

A: After changing the session to private, scroll down to the attendees tab and select attendees manually or by attendee type to grant access to that session.


Q: Can I determine who can choose specific sessions?

A: Yes, you can utilize the private setting in each specific session and add attendees manually at the bottom of the page. Or, you can target access by using the target attendees options to allow attendees with different attributes (like language, attendee types, ticket type, etc.) to see and access certain sessions.


Q: Can I show a session on the homepage without allowing attendees to access the session? 

A: Yes, until sessions are activated (by clicking the activate button in the session settings), the session will appear on the event homepage. You can update the title or description to get attendees excited about the session by  selecting the update button at the top of the session's settings page. 


Q: How do I see who is in a session? 

A: Navigating to the particular session's settings page in the event Console, admins are able to view the number of attendees currently viewing a live stream or simulive session under the watching now header within the general info section. For other sessions (live breakout and meetings) you can see who has watched the session by scrolling down to the watched by tab within the session's settings page. 


Q: Can I share screen and video during a live breakout session? 

A: Depending on the privileges set by event organizers, hosts and speakers of a live breakout session are able to broadcast using their web camera and share their screens when presenting. Participants can be tagged as hosts, viewers, or speakers for a session and are managed in the session's settings page under the attendees tab.


Q: Where do I upload on-demand videos?

A: Navigate to the session's settings page of the Event Console and select video on demand under the content type.  Then upload your video file under the assets tab located further down the page.


Q: How do I assign hosts or speakers to a session? 

A: For a live breakout session, participants can be tagged as host, viewer, or speaker via the session's settings page under the attendees tab.

Q: Who can access sessions?

A: Any attendee can access sessions that are public. Admins manage which attendees see a particular session by changing the session to private and adding selected attendees to specific sessions under the session's Attendees tab located at the bottom of the page. Or, you can target access by using the target attendees options to allow attendees with different attributes (like language, attendee types, ticket type, etc.) to see and access certain sessions.


Q: Do you have a backstage or green room?

A: Yes, the green room functionality allows an event administrator to manage the look and feel of a live broadcast, keep speakers in a holding room and more. Think of the green room as an embedded live stream production solution to streamline your events. If you would like to learn more about Canapii's green room contact us at info@canapii.com.


Q: How do I livestream?

A: Click here to view our guide to live streaming on Canapii


Q: Can I stream on Canapii and other places, such as Facebook? 

A: While you can stream directly to Canapii, in order to stream to multiple destinations you will need to use a 3rd party service that supports streaming to multiple platforms. Services such as Restream or Vimeo will allow you to stream to multiple destinations.

Q: Can I gather session analytics to understand who 'Attended' both virtually & onsite?

Yes you can! Simply go into the session which you will be gathering the analytics for, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Attendees tab. Here you'll find the numbers for Virtual attendees Vs. Onsite Attendees. 

Q: How do I show both live and pre-recorded content when streaming?

A: The simulive session type will allow you to add a video in the assets tab at the bottom of the session details, similar to a video on-demand session. If you want the session to be livestream instead of simulive, you will need a software or hardware mixer that allows you to switch from live to pre-recorded. While the equipment/software that's best for you will depend on your teams' skills, your requirements, and your budget, some of the budget-friendly options are - Software encoder: OBS, VMIX. Hardware encoder: Blackmagic Atem mini, RGBLink Mini. 


If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please reach out to us at info@canapii.com.