Free plan

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated January 13 2022

Plan details

Canapii's Free plan allows you to sample the Canapii product for modestly sized events. Features of this plan include the following:

  • Unlimited events
  • Event length 4 days, start to finish
  • Event materials available up to one week after event end date
  • Up to 125 attendees and 5 admin places, per month

Professional Services

Access to Canapii’s knowledge base and the changelog is included, and additional support is available by email.


Create either free or paid tickets. Customize attendee types if you’d like to offer different event packages and pay structures. Your registrants will be able to create personalized profiles when they register, and make changes later.

Event management

Manage and build your event and registration process in your dedicated Console.

Branding and customization

Customize the registration fields that your attendees see, the email that they receive when they finish registration, primary color, and event imagery (including logo). The event domain will even be unique to your event name.


View event, attendee, and session engagement in real-time or export full reports after your event concludes.


Add an unlimited number of on-demand videos, live streams, or breakout sessions to your event – if you have a full agenda, you can create a session playlist for your attendees. When the sessions have been created, your attendees can view their dynamic personal agenda or the full event agenda to stay on-task and up-to-date. Sessions come with an optional whiteboard to take notes, and a green room to relax and prepare in before your session starts. You can give your hosts moderator permissions so that they can help you moderate the sessions as well.
Live stream sessions can be hosted through a third-party live streaming platform. RTMP live streaming is supported.


The Canapii main site and platform can be translated to more than 50 languages. Closed captioning subtitles are available for on-demand sessions in up to 30 languages, and we also offer live Q&A translation.


Create a chat for your event, a smaller group, or 1-on-1. Video conferencing is also available in the platform for your attendees to meet and mingle. If your attendees would like to meet with each other, they can filter the directory by name and set a meeting time in Canapii.

Interaction and activities

Show your list of generous sponsors in a dedicated section with unlimited zones. Create surveys, polls, a community gallery, live Q&A, and a comments section.