Gamification Setup

How to create and edit rules, award points, and manage the page display

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated March 24 2022


Firstly, enable Gamification in the General Settings tab of your Console.

Next, click into your new Gamification tab. You'll see three buttons across the top: Settings, Page settings, and Actions

  • Settings: Add and manage gamification rules.
  • Page settings: Use this section to add and edit a banner, heading, and description. 
  • Actions: Contains a list of additional menu items allowing you to manage the leaderboard. 
    • Export: Downloads gamification results via .csv spreadsheet. 
    • Award point: Allows you to award points manually to an attendee. 
    • Hide: Hides an attendee's gamification points from the leaderboard. 
    • Show: Returns an attendee's gamification points to the leaderboard. 
    • Opt-out: Opts an attendee out of participating in gamification and erases their points from the leaderboard.
    • Opt-in: Opts an attendee into participating in gamification. 
    • Reset score: Erases the leaderboard. 

Add and Manage Gamification Rules

Click Settings in the Gamification page. You should see a page marked Rules, with a row of buttons across the top of the page. 

Click Add rule to pull up a modal with pre-set rules. If you'd like to use one of the presets, click Use beside the rule. 

If you'd like to write your own rule, scroll down to the bottom of the modal and click Advanced

If you create an advanced rule, you will have the following edit options:

-a key (a word or phrase used as a reference point on the back-end);
-a name;
-a description (optional);
-points awarded for the action;
-associated playlist (optional);
-sessions selected or excluded (optional);
-session watch percentage (indicates how much of a session a user will have to watch before they can get the points);
-count (if you'd like to require the attendee to watch x number of sessions to get the points);
associated poll question (optional);
-target attendee type (leave blank if you'd like the rule to apply to all attendees);
-type (optional);
-URL (optional, awards points only if the attendee visits the specified page on Canapii);
-external (optional, initiates the trigger to award points only if the attendee visits the specified external link from the Canapii app);
-acquire once per tagged ID (optional, limits points to a single action - for example, the attendee can only receive the points for watching a session the first time that they watch it);
-acquire once for whole event (optional, limits points to one action per event - for example, you can set this so that the attendee can only receive points for signing in the first time);
-time limit (optional, leave this off if you'd like the rule to remain in place indefinitely). 

To manage rules in bulk, check off the boxes next to the rules that you'd like to change, then click Actions. You can enable, disable, or delete the selected rules. 

Block attendee type lets you exclude attendees from gamification by type (for example, you can remove all attendees with the Sponsor attendee type from gamification if they will not be participating). 

The Rules header field allows you to add a text field to the top of the Rules page for your attendees. You can use this section to explain the feature, showcase the prizes, etc. 

Change title changes the title display of the Rules page.