Adding admins to an event

Grow your team by giving access to other users via their email addresses

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated April 4 2022

To view and manage your event admins navigate to the admins tab of the event Console sidebar.

Anyone who is added as an admin to your event will have access to the event Console and therefore can help update and define the attendee experience, as well as view relevant event data. Additionally, an automatic email will be sent to the admins registered email address advising that they're now an event admin. 

To add teammates to help manage your event, select the create button. Remember, to access they first need to sign up and create a Canapii profile.

If you would like to limit what other admins can see, simply unclick the sections of the event console they should not have access to. For example, you may want the team member managing ROI to see event analytics and nothing else.

You can check how many admin places are included in your Canapii subscription in the Pricing page.

Tip: for admins to be able to see your event platform, they'll need to register just like other attendees, even if your event is in draft mode.