Adding and managing breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are linked to a primary session and offer secondary nested breakout rooms using our default video conferencing tool

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated April 27 2022

Adding breakout rooms to a session

Navigate to your session and select the enable breakout rooms button at the top.

Once you select enable breakout rooms, a dialogue box will appear that will give you the ability to determine the total number of breakout rooms and whether attendees are assigned automatically or manually to their respected rooms. Additionally, as an admin you're also able to control whether there will be a maximum capacity for the breakout rooms.

Once you have enabled break out rooms, scroll to the bottom of the page; a new tab named breakout rooms will appear among the existing session tabs. This tab is where you can manage and view all aspects of this session's breakout rooms including:

    • assigning breakout room hosts
    • broadcasting a message to all participants
    • filtering and assigning attendees to their breakout rooms
    • renaming, deleting and adding additional breakout rooms

Managing your breakout rooms

Assigning users to your breakout rooms

Use the panel on the left side of the breakout rooms tab to filter through users. You can filter by:

  • Attendee type
  • Users who are currently watching the session
  • Users who are currently unassigned to a breakout room
  • Attendee name

When you are ready to assign users simply check the box next to their name in the list and click assign to manually choose which room they are assigned to OR us the random assign option to spread the selected users across all rooms.

Managing breakout room details

Once your breakout rooms are created there will be a few icons that appear to the right of the breakout room title:

  • This icon will take you to the specific breakout room's settings page (similar to the settings page of the primary session). This is where you can manage this breakout room's settings such as privacy, status, meeting mode, interactive bar defaults and more.
  • This icon will add the individual breakout room's URL to your clipboard so that you can quickly share links to these rooms for external users or support teams to quickly join.
  • This icon will allow you to rename the breakout room.
  • This icon will delete the breakout room.

Managing attendees once they are assigned to breakout rooms.

As you assign users to their rooms you will see their name appear beneath each breakout room. Next to each name you will see a few icons that you can use to manage these attendees:

  • This toggle will quickly assign the user as host of their room (giving them the ability to share their screen and manage other attendees etc.
  • This button will allow you to quickly move the user to another breakout room
  • This icon will remove them from the breakout rooms and take them back to the primary session.

Note: Any user who is not assigned to a breakout room will stay in the primary session. 

Opening your breakout rooms

Opening your breakout rooms will automatically push users to their assigned rooms. An admin will need to initiate this from the Console side of your event platform.

You have two different options when opening rooms, you can select the open all rooms button to quickly push all users to their rooms. Or you can click on the drop down of that same button to select open for hosts. Opening for hosts will only pull in users that are toggled as hosts in their rooms. This is a great way to let hosts get set up prior to others joining.

Once breakout rooms are open

Once you open your rooms you will start to see green outlines around users within their breakout rooms, this means that they are currently in their rooms. 

You can also broadcast a message to all rooms at the same time.

If you you have set a maximum capacity for the breakout rooms, any attendees which try entering a full room will find the following notification: 

Closing breakout rooms

When you are ready to close all rooms simple select the red close all rooms button. This will start a 30 second count down clock that will show in each room alerting users that the breakout rooms will be closing shortly. You can also force close all rooms now to instantly pull users back to the primary session.

Note: You cannot close or broadcast messages to individual rooms separately, all rooms will receive the message and close at the same time.