How to change an events details i.e. start & end date

To change the details of an event, go into 'general settings' found within step 1 of the event console.

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated March 25 2022

Within step 1, select the general settings tab and within it, you'll find details. Selecting edit allows you to review and update the following information:

Event name
Start date
End date
Time zone 
Light or dark mode
Welcome banner message
Event type: Free, Driver, Motivator or Professional
Change the event mode from hybrid to virtual or virtual to hybrid

Note: If the event mode is set to hybrid, the hybrid features will become visible within step 2 i.e. Badges, locations & hotels. If it's a virtual event that you're creating, the hybrid features would become irrelevant to your event & therefore, won't be visible within step 2. 

If your event is taking place in a specific region, we suggest setting the time zone to within that region.

Remember: Attendees can choose their own time zone in the platform to view event timings locally. They do this by selecting the small clock icon, located to the right of the top menu bar.