Highlighting sessions on your event homepage

When highlighting sessions, you can choose whether they appear as the 'highlight' or 'secondary' banners!

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated May 13 2022

Using the highlight and secondary banner positions is a great way to keep your platform active and dynamic while also signposting sessions you want your attendees to join!

What is the difference between highlight and secondary banners?

There are two top banner positions on the homepage, highlight and secondary. The highlight banner appears at the top of your platform homepage, and the secondary banner is just below it. 

Note: If you choose not to make any session your highlight, an automatic welcome message will appear on the homepage in the place of the highlight banner.  

This default banner image is pulled from general settings > branding > banner. The welcome text overlay can be edited or removed within general settings > details > welcome banner text.

How do I highlight a session?

All you need to do is navigate to the session you would like to highlight and select one of the two buttons that appear at the top of your screen: set as highlight or set as secondary banner.

When you select either of these options an additional panel will appear to the left named highlight banner settings. This is where you can edit:

  • Banner title (session title)
  • Title, schedule, and 'play icon' visibility
  • Custom banner image
  • Banner text color.

Note: By default, the image that is used for the highlight banner is pulled from the image that was uploaded in the session. You may want to upload a custom banner image as the dimensions of the highlight banners are different from the recommended dimensions of a session image (1920 x 1080 px). The recommended highlight banner dimensions are:

  • Highlight: 1920 x 500 px
  • Secondary banner: 1920 x 175 px

Can I highlight multiple sessions?

Yes! If you highlight multiple sessions they will all appear on the homepage via a carousel-style banner where each session will rotate on a loop. This is a great way to include sponsor advertisements or other messages within your highlight spaces. 
For optimal use of this feature, we suggest that setting up to 3 sessions is perfect and that you set no more than 5, if required.

Tip: If multiple sessions are set to a highlight or secondary banner, they'll appear as a rotating loop. However, Canapii enables users to scroll quickly between key sessions by simply dragging the banner across (either left or right). 

Tip: Use the target attendees option under the session settings tab to create custom highlighted sessions/banners for different segments of your audience.


Other dynamic aspects of the highlight banner

The following functions only apply to a platform's highlight banner and NOT the secondary banner

Video preview

Want to show your attendees a quick teaser of the content? Navigate to the session's settings page and scroll down to the assets tab. Here you can upload your teaser video under the preview video file. This will auto-play your teaser video when your session is highlighted or when a user hovers over the session tile within a playlist on the homepage. 

Note: If using a 1920x1080 banner image (the default session banner size), you can use a preview video of the same size, but only 1920x500 will be displayed.
If using a 1920x500 image for the highlight banner, the preview video banner should be of the same size. 
If using unequal dimensions for both, one must be adjusted to appear consistent.

Live video feed

For livestream and simulive sessions that are highlighted, a live view of the feed will be shown in place of the banner image. This is a great way to let attendees on the homepage know that the session has begun and can join with a simple click.