How to create sessions

Sessions are created within the 'sessions' tab of the event console

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 17 2022

Follow these steps:

  • Click Create
    • Upload a banner.
      This image is important as it will be the first thing attendees see before accessing the session. It should be uploaded in landscape mode and the optimized dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you don't have an image to hand, Canapii provides users with a complimentary image library!
    • Give your session a title, description and capacity (optional).
    • Next decide when your session will take place within your event by altering the start and end parameters.
    • You can control the visibility of the session by toggling between either Hidden or Visible. The status can be changed at any time and enables you to release them at specific points during the event.

Note: The session status indicates whether attendees can see it on your platform homepage.  Visible means they can and Hidden means only you as admin can see the details in the Console. 

    • Once you're happy with the session details, select Save to be taken to your session's settings page. Here you can manage all other aspects of your session i.e. polls, interactive chat bars, analytics specific to that session and much more!

You can view a directory of all your created sessions by hitting the Sessions section in the Console sidebar. 

Duplicating sessions: Once a session has been created, you can clone it by clicking Duplicate (within the session detail page). A duplicate session will have the same banner image, settings and attendees. Duplicated sessions are inactive by default and must be activated before they  appear on the platform.