Event navigation bar and additional event functions

Choose from a wide selection of customizable options to make your event one of a kind!

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated 21 March 2022

Canapii offers a robust selection of pages and functionalities that you can use to curate your attendee's experience; from a community forum page to resource centers, were confident you'll find just what you need to make your event unique and engaging.

To start, head on over to your general settings tab under step 1 and locate the menu panel to your right; this where you'll see all of the available pages at your disposal. If enabled the page will appear in your events upper navigation bar. If disabled these pages will be hidden and inaccessible to your attendees. 

Note: you can toggle on and off these pages during a live event and the change will pull through in real time to your event platform.

Navigation bar customization 

If you wish for the navigation bar to stand out or for it appear as a color separate to the set theme, you can do this within General settings (step 1). 
Within the branding area you'll find Navigation bar. Simply change the colour codes for the both the background and text to your preference.

Tip: Ensure that the background & text color contrast. If for example, you were to set a dark tone for both, you run the risk of attendees being unable to see which each of the functions are within the navigation bar! 


To begin, you can consider adding in the following pages (several of these pages correlate to a dedicated tab under step 2 of your event Console sidebar): 

  • Attendee list: A directory of all registered attendees with quick buttons for networking.
  • Event agenda: A calendar showing the session schedule for the whole event (excluding video on demand sessions)
  • My agenda: An attendee's personal agenda section on the homepage showing sessions they have booked.
  • Event meetings: A portal for attendees to create, manage, and access any meetings they have scheduled with other attendees.
  • Speakers: Showcase your speaker's profiles. 
  • Polls: A page best used for event wide surveys pre, post, or during your event.
  • FAQs: The only 'always enabled' page. Use Canapii's default FAQs, or make your own.
  • Sponsors: Showcase all sponsor brands, and give attendees access to sponsor zones (think expo booths!). 
  • Community gallery: A page you can use for anything you desire! Drive attendee engagement with ice breakers, hold a costume contest and more, the sky is the limit!
  • Resource center: Build resource tiles to give attendees a 'one stop shop' of resources for the event.
  • Video on demand: A dedicated page to share playlists of VOD sessions. We love to house any session recordings here for users to revisit. (Note: you can determine what playlists show on this page via the playlists tab when creating or updating a specific playlist)
  • Community forum: A page dedicated to discussion topics! Allow attendees to create their own or create some yourself via the community forum page under step 2.
  • Projects:  A page for event admins to pre-load and create tiles dedicated to projects, presentations, and more. (Note: attendees can only view the projects and accompanying assets, they cannot create these from the platform.)

Note: You can rename any of these page options to fit the theme of your event by selecting the 'pencil' icon next to the default name. 

Other settings

Further tailor your event options with the following items under other settings:

  • Meetings: Decide whether or not your attendees have the ability to use video conferencing for meetings on the platform.
  • Home agenda: Build a stand alone agenda that will live beneath any primary or secondary banners on the homepage
  • Open pages in a new tab when session is active: Prevents attendees from accidentally navigating away from a session that is in-progress.
  • VSef compliant: Have your event data is formatted according to event platform standards. Learn more about VSef here
  • 24 hour session reminder: Send email reminders to attendees 24 hours before a session is set to begin. These are only sent to users who have been added to the attendees tab in a session's settings page or have booked the session themselves. 
  • Custom domain: Set a custom domain to take the place of https://app.canapii.com/ in your event's URL. Only available on certain upgraded plans
  • Sponsor admins: Give your sponsors the power to build out, update, and manage their own sponsor zones via a dedicated sponsor portal. Only available on certain upgraded plans.