How to build and edit the registration experience

The Registration tab is located in the sidebar of your event Console.

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 13 2022

First impressions are very important. This section is how you customize your registration and login pages – the first glimpse your attendees see of your event! 

You can personalize the following registration sections:

  • TicketsYou can use this tab to create and view ticket types and attendee types. Each ticket will generate its own unique registration URL that you can send out to your guests. 

Note: Canapii is integrated with Stripe if you'd like to set up paid tickets. Go to the Integrations tab in your event sidebar and click on Stripe. Link your Stripe details here, and all registration fees will be linked directly to your Stripe account. You can find the required details on your Stripe dashboard under "Get your API keys". 

  • Attributes
    On the Registration page that your attendees see, you can set up mandatory and optional registration options to be collected. Canapii provides a list of registration attributes, or you can create your own custom fields. Attributes can be set as filters in this tab as well. 
  • Confirmation email 

    This is the email attendees receive once their registration is complete. You can update the text via the update body button, and add a downloadable calendar invite via the add ics calendar file option. Any words {like this} will be personalized to your event and each registration. We would recommend keeping these to ensure a personal touch.

  • Registration page 

    Here you build the sections of your registration webpage. These three steps are what your attendees see when registering. You can update text to personalize the registration process to your event. If you don’t need any of these things, don’t worry, Canapii has included the minimum to make sure your webpage looks awesome with no edits from you. At the bottom, you can enable or disable the "opt into Canapii marketing updates" and T&C options.

Note: It's your lucky day! Canapii does not charge any processing or surcharge fee for hosting paid-for tickets. 

  • Registration admins 

    Enter the emails of those who should receive email notifications when someone registers for your event. This may be members of your workflow, your marketing team, or even yourself! 

  • Registration webhook

    Canapii allows a Microsoft Teams webhook, meaning you can receive real-time notifications to your Teams account. To add your webhook, click "Integrations" in the event sidebar and click on the "Teams" tile. 

Tip: Once you are happy with your set up, you can test the experience first hand by registering yourself. Remember, you can find your unique registration link under 'Tickets'.