How to record breakout sessions

Canapii breakouts have a 'record' setting which can be toggled either on or off within the session details page!

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated January 13 2022

If you'd like Canapii to automatically record your breakout session for you, you can set the provider to Canapii and adjust the session details. 

Breakout sessions recorded in Canapii will have a Record session button in the session details page. When the button is toggled to Yes, your breakout session will automatically begin recording one to two minutes after the session host begins the meeting. When the host ends the meeting, the recording will end and the file will be saved to the session details. 

Make sure that breakout sessions have at least one host listed to begin and end the recording. Go to the Attendees tab in the session details and click "Set as host" next to the host's name to give them permissions.

Meetings that are being recorded will have a glowing red icon at the top of the meeting.

To ensure that the recording is successfully saved, the meeting host must make sure to click End meeting instead of Leave meeting. 

Once the recording is saved, click View recordings in the session details page. From there, click to view, delete, or download the recording.

If you'd like the breakout session to automatically convert to video on demand after it has ended, toggle Automatically convert to video on demand to Yes.  

If the breakout session is set to record, but the session is not ended by the host, then the recording will naturally end five minutes after the set end time (as long as there are no attendees present).