The difference between Canapii conferencing, Zoom and Custom in Live Breakout Sessions

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated January 28 2022

Breakout sessions and webinars can be hosted in Zoom, Canapii conferencing, or other/third party (this includes Microsoft teams, Webex or redirect to the Zoom client directly). 

Canapii has its own web conferencing solution and is the default option for hosting breakout sessions and webinars. Canapii allows up to 250 attendees per session, and you can record your sessions automatically by toggling this option to Yes in the session details. You can also automatically convert your Canapii session to a Video on Demand session by toggling Automatically convert to video on demand to Yes. Below that, you can schedule a time for when the session should convert, or leave this option blank for immediate conversion. 

You can add your Zoom credentials to your Canapii event in the Integrations tab in the left-hand sidebar. Breakouts hosted in Zoom can support up to 200 attendees, although webinars can support 500-1000. Click the Zoom tile, then click Enable. Add your Zoom public and private keys in the fields, then add your meeting account emails and webinar account emails in their separate fields (one email per line). When you've integrated your Zoom account, you'll be able to choose Zoom as a provider in the breakout session create modal, which will automatically generate a Zoom meeting/meeting ID for you when you create the session. Attendees will be able to join the Zoom breakout directly from Canapii. 

If you'd like to use another host for your webinar, your attendees will be able to click on the session tile in Canapii and view the session details, speaker profiles, feedback/polls, et cetera, and they'll be redirected to your webinar when they click the "Join" button. To use a third party, go to your session details and click the Change option next to Meeting provider. Change the provider to Custom, then input your meeting invitation link in the field. If you'd like to change the default Join label, input your preferred label in the field below that, then click Save

Tip: You can use a Zoom meeting invitation link this way without integrating your Zoom account into Canapii. If you use the meeting invitation link, your attendees will be automatically redirected into the Zoom client.