How does the Social Wall work?

Integrate your dashboard into Canapii to add a social media tab to your event

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated September 1 2021

First, you'll need to create your social wall. Your Social Wall is a central hub for all of your accounts, hashtags, and data that you'd like to track.

You can set up your wall here: 

Once you sign up, you'll get a URL link to your Social Wall. Copy that link to your clipboard and open your event Console. 

In the Console, click on the Integrations tab under Step 2. Then, click into the integration tile. You'll get redirected to a details page.

Now, Paste your social wall URL into the field and click Save

After you have saved, you'll see a new "Social Wall" tab on your event site. You and your attendees will see the social media posts update in real-time over the course of the event. 

You have the choice to link your social media accounts or use the Direct Posts option by scanning the QR code on top of the Social Wall to post directly on the wall. The Direct Posts feature allows people to post on your social wall without having to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network.

By default, your Social Wall can be accessed as a new menu item in the navigation bar. You may override this to access the Social Wall in the Community Gallery instead.