How organizers can contact & network with attendees

Use chats or meeting requests to reach out to attendees and sales leads

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated January 13 2022

There are several networking options to enable you to contact event attendees:

Sponsor sidebar chat

You can enable a sidebar chat for attendees to leave public comments in your Sponsor zone. To do this, sign into your Canapii event Console, then click Sponsors and choose your sponsor name. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a row of tabs - click on the Interactive Tab option, then toggle Default to Opened. In this tab, you'll also be able to leave your own comments for attendees to see, hide or pin existing comments, or export the list. 

Networking page

If your event administrator has enabled networking for your event, you'll see a Networking tab across the top of the event home page. The Networking page is a hub for all event attendees, allowing you to view their profiles, set up a meeting, or send a direct message. If an attendee has enabled a virtual business card on their account page, you'll also see a business card icon below their name, and you can click on that to have a copy of their business card emailed to you.

Personal chats

In either the Networking page or in the Chats page, you'll be able to send direct messages to other attendees. In the Networking page, simply click the chat bubble icon below the contact's name (note: if you do not see a chat icon below an attendee's name, it means that they have disabled this in their account settings). If your event organizer has enabled personal chats, click on the Chats tab in the home page, then click the Create button and select the name(s) of your recipient(s). 


If you'd like to set up a live meeting with an attendee, you can do this in either the Meetings page or the Networking page. To go to your Meetings page, click My Agenda in the home page, then click on the Meetings tab on the right. Click Create meeting and set up your meeting details. If there are no pre-set meeting timeslots available, you can choose Meet now to default to the current date and time. When you're finished, click Request meeting. Your participant(s) will receive an email informing them of your meeting request, and they'll accept or decline on their end. You can also create a meeting from the Networking page, by clicking the Meeting (video camera) icon. Follow the same steps to request the meeting. When you're ready to begin the meeting, go back to your Meetings tab in the My agenda page, then click on the meeting tile and then Join