How organizers can edit and view meetings

Event organizers will find a list of all set up & organized meetings, under the 'meetings' tab within the event console

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 14 2022

All scheduled meetings will appear in list format on this page and in the set events time zone.

In the list view, you will find the title, start and end time, status and creation date for each meeting. Selecting the arrow button ↑ next to each columns title, will order the meetings accordingly. 

To understand each meetings details, click into a meeting to see the participant information, as-well-as the meeting status and any recordings. As an admin, you can update and cancel the meeting directly from this page too. 

Note: All meetings in Canapii are automatically run using Canapii' s most proficient video conferencing tool. However, if you need to change meeting provider (i.e. if your meeting was with Google, you may want to use Google Meets) you can also do so here by adding a unique external meeting link. Simply hit the change button under provider.

Remember, if you change provider for any meeting, it will no longer take place within the platform. 

As an admin, you can also set up meetings directly from the console. You do this by clicking on the create button and ensuring that the required attendees are added accordingly. Once you have created the meeting, all participants will receive an email notification with the meeting invite.

Remember: Meeting hosts (usually the event organizer) should start any meeting in order to assign the correct attendee as the host upon joining the session.

Both attendees and administrators can toggle the 'record' button during the meeting (there will be an indicator to inform attendees that the meeting will be/is being recorded). Attendees are able to download the recordings from within the meeting tab, and organizers can download the recordings from the console. Only meetings hosted on Canapii can be automatically recorded.