How to add sponsors to an event

Navigate to the 'Sponsors' tab in your event Console sidebar

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 19 2022

The sponsors tab (under step 2) is where you'll add your event sponsors & build individual sponsor zones. Once a sponsor is created, their zone is automatically created too.

All your event sponsors will automatically appear at the bottom of the homepage as-well-as the dedicated sponsor tab, found within the platform menu bar. 

To create your sponsors:

1. Select Create to open a new page titled 'create sponsor'.

2. Work through the steps by uploading the sponsors logo, banner, applying the sponsors branding colors, adding their name, including a description etc. 

Tip: Adding a type enables you to control the size of the sponsor logo's and order in which the sponsors will appear on the front end i.e. Gold, silver & bronze 'type' sponsors!

3. Once you've created the 'zone' select save and go back in to the newly created sponsor area. 
At the top of the page admins have the option to upload welcome video & matchmaking (target the sponsor to specific attendee types).
Upon scrolling to the bottom of the page, you'll find the following options:
Assets: Upload MP4 video  
Attachments: Downloadable resources such as URL's, podcasts, whitepapers etc.  You can add Sessions: Pull through any sessions which are associated with the sponsor

Note: The booths can only be updated from the Console, so be sure to give your sponsors admin permissions if you'd like them to add their own content.