How to assign hosts to live breakout sessions

A step by step guide to teach you how to assign hosts to live breakout sessions!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 27 2022

There isn't a limit to how many hosts can be assigned to a session so think about the types of hosts that you might want to add to your live breakouts, to make for a dynamic and engaging session!

1. Via the console, go into sessions and from the list of sessions, go into the live breakout which you wish to assign a host to

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and here you'll find different tabs, click on the Attendees tab. Select add attendee search for the attendees name and submit.  
Upon pulling through the attendee, next to their name you'll find the option to set as host & select accordingly. 

Private by-invitation-only sessions:
If your event has any private or invitation only sessions, attendees will need to be added to the attendee list. To do this, follow the above sets but don't set as a host. This will ensure that the session becomes visible on their homepage and within their agenda. 

Tip: Hosts always need to be specifically added to a session to receive full host benefits, even if the session is public. 

Hosts and speakers are different on the Canapii platform.
Speakers are indicated as speakers throughout the event. They might appear within the speakers page or have a public profile elsewhere on the attendees side of the platform. 
Hosts usually indicate the people within the team who could have superior technical capabilities and enables them to jump into session if/when required. It is likely for some of your sessions that a presenter could be set to both a speaker and a host.