How to edit sessions & session details

Navigate to the 'sessions' tab within the console sidebar and select the session that you would like to edit.

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated Jan 12 2022

Once you're within the session which requires updating, select Update to change information,  as well as define additional details such as privacy and content type.

Content type: Canapii defines each content type as the following:

Live stream: professional live broadcast using integrated streaming software such as AWS, YouTube, Vimeo.

Video on demand: pre-recorded video content which is available to access at any time. Upload files in the assets section (at the bottom of the session page).

Live breakout: think webinars or workshops. Video conference sessions designed to allow two-way connection between speakers and participants on video and audio.

Simulive: halfway between a video on demand and a livestream. Pre-recorded videos can be uploaded in the Assets section and broadcast to your attendees at pre-set times. 

Other: allows you to integrate an external link or another page in the platform. For example, if you wanted to direct your attendees to a new product you are launching. 

Tip: content type is the most important characteristic of any piece of content. Ensure that you have defined this before moving on. 

  • Status: hidden sessions will not be visible to your attendees on the front end of the platform, whereas visible ones will be. This feature helps you define when you hide and show content to your audience. 
  • Privacy: require an invitation-only session? If so, ensure that your session is set to Private. Only those with an invite, will see it on their platform homepage. 

Remember: If your session is Private you will need to add the attendees that should have access. You can do this by scrolling down in the session tab and adding attendees

  • Allow users to join before the host starts: specifically for sessions with content type: live breakout session. As a standard, participants can't join a breakout session until the host has entered the session. This feature overrules that check and means you are not reliant on time-savvy speakers! 
  • Target attendees: target the session to specific attendee types i.e. if the session is sales related & you've got a 'sales team' custom attribute (as part of the registration process) target the session to this group of attendees. 
  • Booking: enable or disable accordingly to allow attendees to book onto sessions. 
  • New banner: an easy way to signpost new content on the platform. Enabling this feature will add a small 'new' icon in the top left-hand corner of the session tile, on the platform homepage. 
  • Download calendar file button: enables attendees to sync sessions with their calendars. 
  • Show time and date: a time and date overlay will be visible within the session tile.
  • Mandatory: is the session mandatory to specific attendee types? If so, target the session accordingly. 
  • Recommended: you're able to recommend sessions to specific attendee types by enabling & targeting accordingly.  
  • Ratings and feedback form: allows attendees to provide feedback to a session via a 5-star rating and open text comment box. 
  • Show in general agenda: do you want this session to appear within the general agenda? Enable or disable accordingly. 
  • Final step: Attendees will not be able to access/view the session content until this step is activated.

Remember: You must activate every session. Without this attendees can't access the session!

Scroll down to add speakers, add attendees, upload attachments, view ratings, view reactions and gather session specific analytics. 

The Interactive tab (think chat room) is where you define whether attendees can interact with the session. If so, the interactive tab needs to be enabled
By default, all sessions include an interactive bar. The Canapii interactive bar supports live Q&A, comments, tech support as-well-as an admin chat which is viewable only to the owners of the session.