How to integrate Marketo with Canapii

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated January 13 2022

If you're using Marketo and would like to integrate this service with your event on Canapii, please follow the below steps. The integration is made using Marketo’s REST API integration.

When the integration is successfully created, existing attendees in your Canapii event will automatically be synced to Marketo as leads.

You will need Marketo admin access to integrate this service, specifically to these functions: Users and Roles, LaunchPoint, and Web Services. You will also need a Live Event channel with the Registered and Attended progression steps. 

Integration Steps:

Log into your Marketo admin account. Go to your Marketo instance’s Admin>Users and Roles panel and create a new Role. Use the following permissions:

Read-Write Activity

Read-Write Activity Metadata

Read-Write Asset

Read-Write Lead

Read-Write Schema Custom Field

Role Creation

Create a new User with the role that you just created. In Permissions, check Access API only, since this account will only be used to invoke API calls to Marketo.

Go to the Admin>Launchpoint panel to create a new service. Name the service however you wish, then on the Service dropdown, select “Custom.” Add a description, then select the API-only user that you just created.

Service creation

Once that’s done, click View Details on the newly created service. Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret as this will be needed for the integration.

Click View Details

Copy Client ID and Client Secret

Go to Admin>Web Services panel and look for the REST API category. Take note of the “Endpoint” and the “Identity” as these will be needed for the integration.

Under REST API, Copy Endpoint and Identity

In Canapii, go to your Event's console, under Step 2>Integrations, and click Marketo. Click Add and a popup will appear. Enter the required details earlier from your created service and from your web services panel.

At the bottom of that same pop-up, you should see an option called Auto-create Program.

If enabled, our API will create a “Canapii” folder in your Marketing Activities panel, and inside of it, a program will be created specifically for your event.

If disabled, a dropdown list will appear, associated with the credentials you entered earlier, and it will list all of your existing programs. You will then pick from these programs and Canapii will use that for your event. If your credentials are invalid, it will show an error message instead.

Tick Enabled in the modal if you want the integration to be effective immediately.

Click Submit to create the integration. Once complete, the popup will simply close, and you’ll be able to see the details of the integration.