How to join a session or meeting in Canapii

Canapii' s integrated video conferencing platform provides users with powerful, embedded tools in a user friendly environment!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated Jan 14 2022

Joining a call

When a session is open for you to join on the home page, select the session tile and click ‘more details’ to be redirected to the session page.

Here you will see a Join now button, the chat on the right-hand side and the session details/description below.

To join the call click Join now.

When joining your first call, you will be prompted to give Canapii permission to access your microphone and camera to be able to speak/hear other attendees of the call. Click Allow for both.

At the start of every call a readiness checker will appear. Here you can select the appropriate microphone, speaker, and camera (you are also able to select the quality of your webcam).

Once you have selected the microphone, speaker, and camera settings, we suggest that you double-check that the settings are correct within the preview checker. On the right-hand side you can:

    • Check that your microphone is picking you up by speaking and watching the bar under Preview move as you talk.
    • Check that the correct camera is connected.
    • Check that the correct speaker is connected by clicking Test and listening out for the test sound.

When everything looks good, click Join!

*If you are running into issues i.e. you can’t hear anyone or no-one can hear you, double-check these settings and make sure that no other program is using your mic.

Changing settings in a call

While in a call you're able to change your settings. In the top left side (numbers 1, 2 & 3 within the following example) you can change your microphone, camera and speaker by clicking the dropdown arrow on the respective buttons.



  1. Show/hide attendee list
  2. Toggle microphone & change settings
  3. Toggle camera & change settings
  4. Toggle audio & change speaker
  5. Raise hand
  6. Gallery view
  7. Screen share
  8. Whiteboard
  9. Timer menu
  10. Full screen
  11. Leave meeting
  12. End meeting for all participants (only available to hosts)

Screen sharing

To screen share, click on the Screen share icon. In the pop-up screen select what you want to share, this can be your entire screen, an application window or a browser tab.

If you want to play a video be sure to tick Share audio to have the audio play in the call as well (option will appear at the bottom of the page when selecting which screen to share). 


If you are experiencing issues hearing or speaking during a call, double-check the following:

  • Are any other programs using your mic?
    Do you have another call open or perhaps the settings in Zoom or Teams could be using your mic?
  • Checking camera and microphone permissions in Chrome:
        1. At the top right, click More and then Settings
        2. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings
        3. Click Camera or Microphone
        4. Turn on Ask before accessing
        5. Review your blocked and allowed sites and make sure both camera and microphone are allowed to be used by Canapii