How to manage breakout rooms

Choose from a multitude of options for assigning and creating the perfect breakout rooms to fuel discussion!

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated January 17 2022

Once you have enabled breakout rooms for a specific session, you will then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a breakout rooms tab. Clicking into this tab will give you an overview of your session's current breakout rooms.

On the left you will see an attendee portal that will allow you to quick view and assign attendees by:

  • All
  • Attendee type
  • Search field
  • Watching now
  • Unassigned

On your right you will see a list of your created breakout rooms. You can rename these rooms, send a broadcast message to all attendees, manage assigned attendees and export all breakout room analytics

To assign attendees to your breakout rooms, you have the option to select multiple attendees and group assign them or use the random assign function:

The random assign function will take all of your selected attendees and assign them randomly throughout the available breakout rooms.

You can mix and match by manually assigning some attendees and randomly assigning others using the selection tools listed above.

Once you have all of your rooms set up, click open all rooms. This action will sweep all assigned attendees into these breakout meetings.

Note: If you need to manage a specific breakout room, you can select the eye icon next to the breakout room name. From here you will be taken to a page similar to a session's settings page. Here you can update general settings, assets, attendees, analytics and more!

Once you have opened your rooms, attendees names will be highlighted in green when they are on the breakout room page, giving you a quick overview of who has been moved and is actively in the breakout room.