How to send out meeting reminders

Our helpful reminder tool prompts attendees to accept their meeting requests with one click.

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 13 2022

To encourage all attendees with pending meetings to accept their requests, you can force a notification to all meeting participants. To do this, visit the 'Meetings' page in your event Console sidebar:

  • Select the blue Actions button
  • Select the Send pending for approval email option 
  • Press ok on the pop-up alert message. This will send an email to any attendee with a pending meeting, reminding them to respond. 

Note: emails can only be received every 7 days to ensure your attendees are not bombarded. So, use this feature wisely! 

  • You can also send an SMS reminder to all attendees with a pending meeting by selecting the Notify attendee with pending meetings button.  Press ok on the pop-up alert message to send. 

Note: attendees can only receive one SMS reminder per day.