How to tier event sponsors

Want to create sponsor groups and a hierarchy within your event? Use the 'sponsor type' field to manage sponsor groups!

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 27 2022

Sponsor types
If your event is taking a tiered approach to supporting sponsors i.e. gold, silver & bronze be clear on your tiering approach and naming structure before creating any sponsors. 

When adding a sponsor, ensure that each sponsor has been given a sponsor type as these will be the titles of the hierarchy groups. You can manually add these by going into the sponsor zone   and updating its details.

Sort mode

Navigate to the sponsors tab of the event console sidebar.
Select sort mode and here you will choose between sorting by sponsor type and sponsors from a specific type.

Sorting sponsor type will enable you to move your sponsor types either up and down to match your hierarchy. For example, if you would like the 'gold' sponsor group to appear before 'silver' the assortment arrows enable you to change the order accordingly. You can also choose the logo size for each group so that higher tiered sponsors have a visibly larger logo, if required. 

Sorting sponsors from a specific type will let you sort the position of sponsors within a particular type of sponsor i.e. arranging sponsors alphabetically.