Live transcription & closed captions (live breakout sessions)

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated April 11 2022

If your live breakout session is hosted in Canapii's web conferencing tool, you can add closed captioning in the session settings. Closed captioning adds machine-generated AI transcription in the language of your choice. 

To turn on closed captioning for your webinar/live breakout, make sure that your session provider is set to Canapii in the session details page. 

Scroll down to the Live transcription language section in your session details, then click Change to open the list of available languages. Choose the language that your session will be in, then click Save. 

Note: If you don't see the Live transcription language option in your session, double-check that your session is set to Live breakout and the provider is set to Canapii. 

Applying Closed Captions to multiple sessions

Admins are able to generate closed captions for multiple sessions, providing that their translation requirements are the same.

You can do this by firstly going into each of the individual sessions, scrolling to the bottom of the page & selecting Transcribe. Here you'll select the source language which the transcriptions will be generated from. Once this initial step is completed, follow the next:

1. Go into Sessions.
2. With the tick boxes, select the multiple sessions which require generated closed captions.
3. Now that you've chosen the sessions, click on Actions, from the list find Generate and select accordingly. 
4. Select the already generated Source language i.e. US English & then select the languages which the closed captions should be applied to. Lastly select Save
5. To ensure that the closed captions have been applied, go into each session, scroll to the bottom of the page and here you'll find a list of the generated closed captions:

Editing a transcript (.VTT) file 

Post live breakout session, admins are able to download and make edits to the transcript (.VTT) file. Firstly they would be required to download the file & once downloaded, make the changes accordingly. There are however limitations & rules about how a user should make these edits, as per the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that you're keeping within a 32 character limit, with a max of 2 lines per caption.
  • Keep a blank line in between each caption frame to indicate the end of a sequence. 
  • Ensure that WebVTT isn't removed from the beginning of the transcript (all WebVTT files start with this, to indicate that it's a .VTT file). 
  • All sequences begin with a timecode, avoid making edits to the timecode where possible.