Building microsites

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated April 21 2022

The Microsite tab creates a landing page/preview of your event. Attendees do not need a Canapii account to view this page, so you will be able to send out the link to interested groups commitment-free. You can also enable Tickets to allow registration from this page. 

To create the page, click on the Microsite tab under Step 2 in your event Console. Hover over each field and click the pencil/edit icon to change the display:

Language selector allows the viewer to toggle between the language options.

The Banner image appears at the top of your landing page. The suggested size of the banner is 1920x500. 

The Description introduces and describes your event. 

Video supports a video embed link & also the ability to upload a MP4 video file. You can toggle Autoplay to enabled/disabled according to your preference - if you enable autoplay, the video will begin playing (with sound muted) when the viewer opens the page.

Note: you can rename sections such as Tickets, Agenda, Speakers, Meet our Sponsors, and Privacy and Terms in the Microsite if you'd like.

Tickets shows your ticket types. Check the boxes next to the ticket types that you'd like to show. When you send the microsite page out, registrants will be able to click the ticket type to purchase or register with that ticket. 

Agenda shows the dates and times of your sessions. Check the boxes next to your session titles to add them to the list. 

Speakers will add speaker profiles (name, job title, company, and photo - click to reveal bio) from your list of speakers. You can edit the order of the speakers on the microsite by clicking the up and down arrow icons. 

Meet our Sponsors will add sponsor info (photo, click to open sponsor page) from your list of sponsors. As with the speakers, edit the order of the sponsors by clicking the up and down arrow icons. 

Privacy and terms opens a modal for you to add a text-based privacy and/or terms of use section. 

Change the highlight (button) color and the page alignment with the settings at the bottom.

Tip: Use the arrow navigation buttons in each section to reorder the sections in the display.

When you're finished, you can preview your landing page or save the data. 

Your landing page will have the same URL as your preview, minus the /preview at the end. For example, if this is your preview URL:

Then this would be your microsite URL: