How to use the Campaign Tool

The Campaigns feature will allow you to send emails out to a pre-arranged mailing list!

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated February 4 2022

The campaigns tool allows event organizers to send emails out to individual contacts or a pre-created mailing list. The campaigns tool allows you to send these communications from your preferred sender email address.

To add your sender email, click Senders and then Create, and input the email address that you'd like to use. This will send a verification code to the email inbox that you chose. Go to the email inbox of your sender email and copy the code (if you don't see it, you may need to check your spam folder), then input the code into the verification field and submit. After you have successfully verified your sender email, you'll receive a confirmation email as well.

The sender email will need to be a real email address that can send and receive messages - you'll be connecting your email to the campaign tool, rather than creating a new one. 

There is a "Configure reputation" input which will allow you to set the maximum number and rate of bounced emails or emails marked "spam" by the recipient, which helps you to protect the reputation of your sender email.

You can add emails to a block list if you'd like to exclude them from your email campaigns in the Suppression list section.

Send a campaign

Click Create in the Campaigns page - an edit modal will appear with a workflow for creating your campaign.

1. Name your campaign

2. Choose a sender from your list of verified email addresses

3. Set an email subject 

4. Draft the body of your email

5. Choose your audience (hint: you can use a pre-created mailing list, add individual contacts, choose from your attendees, or select recipients from a previous campaign). 

6. Schedule the email to be sent at a specific time 

7. Check off the "Mark as published" checkbox and then click Create to schedule your campaign.

Note: you can check off "Mark campaign as test" in the last step instead if you'd like to use this campaign as a test (this will not affect your metrics).