How to use the whiteboard feature within webinar sessions

Whiteboards are useful in webinars to illustrate concepts on the fly!

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated January 13 2022

To open the whiteboard, simply select the pencil icon along the top row of your meeting screen. This will open the whiteboard for you alone, regardless of whether you're a host or participant.

Note: Both participants and hosts can edit and save the whiteboard. Only hosts have the ability to clear the board.

The functions of the whiteboard are located along the upper right-hand edge of the whiteboard and for participants include:

  • Free draw with different stroke colors
  • Shape draw with different shapes, strokes and fill colors
  • Save functionality to download a copy of the whiteboard
  • Undo function to undo your most recent edits

For hosts, your privileges include the above plus:

  • Clear function to erase whiteboard contents and start with a fresh slate.

Remember: If you would like all participants to view the whiteboard at the same time you will need to communicate this to them during the meeting. They will not see the whiteboard unless the pencil icon is selected.