Importing contacts into the campaign tool

Import contacts for use in mailing lists using a .csv file.

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated Jan 19, 2022


Note: The article relates to Canapii's campaign tool which allows you to create and manage email campaigns directly within the console. Your team can create mailing lists, see click-through stats and more! You will need to enable this feature from the general settings page under the tools tab.

Importing contacts into the campaign tool

In order to import contacts, you will need to create a .csv spreadsheet containing the following information in this order:

firstName | lastName | email | company | cc (optional)

Note: Any email that is listed in the cc column for a particular contact will be cc'd into any email that is sent to that contact.

Example of contact import spreadsheet:

In the Campaigns page, click Mailing list and then click the blue Create button. Click Import in the modal that pops up, and add your spreadsheet.