Livestream with StreamYard

Linking StreamYard with your Canapii event has never been easier!

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 13 2022

Setting up your StreamYard account

  1. Set up your StreamYard account. 
  2. Add streaming destinations (in order for your Livestream to be viewable on your event platform you will need to Livestream to either YouTube or Vimeo). 
  3. Create and set-up your Livestream to output to either Youtube or Vimeo.
  4. Go live! 
  5. Visit your Livestream and copy the website URL.
Linking your Livestream to a Canapii session 
  1. Go to your Event Console and open the session you want to link to the Livestream.
  2. Under session settings on the right-hand side, make sure the content type is set to Livestream and click Change next to 'Live Video URL'
  3. On the popup, paste your Livestream URL and click save. 

Checking your stream is visible to the user

  1. Visit the session in your event platform and double-check that your Livestream is now viewable. 

Tip: If your event status is already set to live for your attendees, you can create private sessions viewable to certain people to test this process and check that you are satisfied with the setup.