How to send out notifications directly through Canapii!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated January 27 2022

Canapii now enables users to push out notifications directly through the platform. Firstly select notifications within step 2 of the Console side bar. Here you'll have the option to create a new notification.

To create a new notification, select create and work your way through the options:

Banner: This is optional but if you do upload an image, ensure that it's in landscape mode & uploaded in 600x100 pixels.

Message: Enter the notification message here.

Mark as priority: The recipient will receive both an email & SMS notification.

Show as a pop-up: The notification will appear as an on screen pop-up during the 'live' event.

Send to: You have the option to send to all attendees or specific attendees - select accordingly. 

Send later: If you wish to schedule the notification for a later time, you can do so here.

Note: If the notification is scheduled to a later date/time, the notification will send in accordance to the event time zone & not the attendees set preferences. 

Now that you have set up and created the notification, you'll now need to manually push it out by selecting send now. Upon doing so, the status will change to processed within the notification details box.

The recipients tab at the bottom of the page provides you with the analytics for each recipient. If the status is marked as sent it means that the individual recipient has received the notification either within their inbox or as a pop-up depending on the settings selected.