Requesting and managing meetings on Canapii

There are a few different ways to set up a meeting with fellow attendees.

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated Jan 17 2021

How attendees can manage meetings

Attendees page

Navigate to the dedicated Attendees page on the top menu bar. This presents an active directory of all registered participants and allows you to search and filter through different parameters. From an attendee's tile you may have a few options on how you would like to connect:

Chat - the speech bubble icon opens a dedicated chat room between you and the recipient.

Schedule a meeting - the handshake icon takes you to a page where you can schedule time to meet, define the terms of your meeting, and add a personal note.  The recipient will receive an email notification prompting them to accept your proposed meeting.

Meet now - the video icon opens an instant video chat between you and the recipient(s). The recipients will receive an email notification that you have requested to meet. This feature is perfect if you would like instant connection. 

Tip: you can search and filter all attendees to find other like-minded people. 

Meetings page

Navigate to the dedicated meetings page in the top menu bar of the event. Here you can create a meeting using the create button. After you have created your meetings they will appear here in list form.

Tip: if you already know who you would like to meet, this is the quickest way to schedule a meeting. 

Chat bar

Don't need to schedule a meeting but would still like to connect? Use the dedicated chat functionality! You can chat with a specific attendee, or with a group of attendees, by going to the personal tab of your chat bar and selecting create. 

How event admins can manage meetings

Navigate to the meetings tab under step 2 in your event Console's side bar.

A meeting is a scheduled video conference between two or more participants at your event. This meetings section gives you an overview of all scheduled meetings and allows you to define your event's meeting logic. Remember, for quick meeting stats head to your event Console homepage.

All scheduled meetings will appear in list on this page, in the time zone of your event. Clicking into a meeting shows the meeting details and participants, as well as its status. As an admin, you can create meetings directly from the console between any attendees. Remember, the meeting host starts the meeting so be sure to assign the correct attendee here.

To define timeslots attendees can schedule meetings within, click on settings then the meeting slots tab. To create a timeslot hit the create button, choose the slot length and save. You can create individual or bulk slots via the batch create button. 

Note: You will need to create slots for your attendees to meet in, otherwise when they try to create a new meeting they will be unable to choose a date and time.

To encourage all attendees with pending meetings to accept their requests, you can force a notification to all participants via the pending alerts under actions.