Guidelines for uploading session tiles

Author photo   Hugh M
  Last updated January 18 2022

Session tiles are an important introduction to the content available within your event. 

When uploading a session tile, go into the individual session's page and follow these guidelines:

  • Banner: Upload the image in landscape mode and the following dimensions: 1920x1080 pixels
  • Plain images work best for readability. Remember that your session's information (date/time/title) will appear as an overlay on your session tile
  • Be aware of your branding and whether you have set the event theme to either dark or light mode (found in general settings) i.e. If you have themed your event to dark mode, you might want to consider uploading a lighter image to ensure that it stands out on the front end
  • Bring the session tile to life by uploading a session preview video. This is essentially a motion video that autoplay's when an attendee hovers over the tile. Simply upload a mp4 video file in the session details page under Assets.

Remember: You can select a tile image from our image library if you need some inspiration or simply a placeholder for your own branded image.