Snapbar & Pixiweb Integration

Follow these steps to integrate either Snapbar or Pixiweb into your event!

Author photo  Meryl G
  Last updated January 14 2022

If you'd like to add a photo booth to your event, you can do so with either Snapbar or Pixiweb. Click here for more information on Snapbar.
Click here for more information on Pixiweb.

A virtual photo booth will not require attendees to download an app or make adjustments to the software - They'll be able to add photos to the photo booth directly via Canapii. 

Firstly, to integrate a photo booth, create your photo booth platform in either Snapbar or Pixiweb. Copy the embed URL. 

In Canapii, open your event Console and click Integrations. Open the tile for Snapbar or Pixiweb, then paste the embed URL into the field and save accordingly. 

Once you've created the photo booth, go to the General Settings tab and enable Community Gallery. Your attendees will be able to see the photo booth and add photos via the Community Gallery page!