Speakers & speaker profiles

Build up your speakers page with individual speaker profiles and bio's!

Author photo   Geri G
  Last updated April 11 2022

This section is designed to showcase your speaker lineup. Speakers are required to access the event via the usual ticketing process. 

Speaker profiles can include a photo, bio, company URL, and social media profiles. 'Active' speakers will appear on the event platform under the dedicated speaker's page, whereas 'Inactive' ones will be hidden from attendee view. 

To assign speaker profiles to sessions, navigate to the Sessions section, scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the Speakers tab. Here you can pull your speaker through to the session. 

How to create Speaker profiles

1. Within General settings, go into the main menu, find Speakers and enable. 

2. Now that the Speakers setting has been enabled, you'll see it illuminated within Step 2. Now go into the speakers tab.

3.To create a profile, select Create. 
Firstly you're required to promote the speaker. To do this, click on Select and choose the person accordingly. Now input:


Job Title


Company URL

Email Address


Type: Speaker 'types' enables you to categorize or tier your speakers. For example you could have day 1, day 2 & day 3 speakers. Within each speaker's profile, please ensure that the 'Type' is spelt accurately and that letters are accurately capitalized for all. If this isn't done correctly, the system won't recognize them as being the same.

Status: Ensure that you 'Activate' the speaker. Speakers which are left as 'Inactive' won't be visible on the attendees side of the platform.

Show sessions on speaker page: If the Speaker is associated with particular sessions, you have the option to either show or hide the sessions from their speaker's page.

Show in Speakers page: Yes or No, do you want their profile to appear within the dedicated speakers page.

Show in Speakers page: Yes or No, is the Speaker connected to a Sponsor? If so, do you want them to appear within the Sponsor area?

Complete all of the fields and select Save.

Searching/filtering through the Speakers page

If your event features many Speakers, your attendees are able to filter through the attributes within the dedicated speakers page (i.e. Company, Country, Language) - To view their bio's & understand more about them. 

However to apply this to an event, the organizer is required to enable this feature from the console: Speakers > Page settings > Enable, Display filters.