Building your sponsor zone

A quick guide for event admins and sponsor admins to building out dynamic sponsor zones.

Author photo  Hugh M
  Last updated April 27, 2022

Note: If you have been added as a sponsor admin to an event console (i.e. you can only see a specific sponsor zone when you log into the event console), some of the options below may not be visible to you depending on your admin privileges. 

Basic details

Once the sponsor zone has been created (using the create button within the sponsors tab of the event console sidebar) You can edit or fill in some basic information for your sponsor area by selecting the update button once you have selected your sponsor zone.

The options within this section include: 


This image will be used as the call to action button that will take attendees to your dedicated sponsor zone. Any size is acceptable but we recommend landscape images with a transparent backgrounds. You can also use the upload logo button to the right of the update button to add a logo image. 


This image will be the welcome banner that attendees will see first once they enter your sponsor zone. If you have social platforms, you can add the URLs further down the page and quick click icons for each of these platforms will be added to the bottom right of the banner.

Branding color

Curate the look and feel of your sponsor space by customizing the color of buttons, chat icons and links to match your branding. Simply enter the hex code of the desired color or use the color sliders to choose one of your liking!


This is the name of your sponsor or sponsor zone.


This is used by event admins as a point of contact for notifications blasts regarding your sponsor zones.


A description of your sponsor zone. Use our text editor to format the style and add images or videos.


This is used by event admins to sort and order different types of sponsorships


If an attendee selects the welcome banner on your sponsor zone, they will be redirected to the URL placed here.


This is like the on/off switch for your sponsor zone. If toggled to inactive, the sponsor zone will not be viewable by attendees until toggled back to active.

Homepage visibility

This will determine if the sponsor logo is shown at the bottom of the homepage within the main sponsorship highlight area

Show logo in sponsor's zone

This will determine if the logo is shown on the dedicated "all sponsors" page (if active) in the main navigation bar.

Show interested button

This will add a "thumbs up" icon that attendees can click to show that they are interested in the sponsor. Attendees who click this will be logged in the sponsor's leads tab within the sponsor's console.

Target attendees

Here you can decide which types of attendees can see the sponsor's zone. This can be based on the ticket they hold, the attendee type they are, or if they answered certain questions upon registration


Here is where you can tie a specific ticket to a sponsors area. What this means is that any attendee who holds this ticket will appear in the sponsor zone's representatives list in the interactive bar with quick click icons to chat or schedule a meeting.

Social media platforms:

Here is where you can add in the URLs for the sponsor's social media platforms. This will add the platform's icon to both the banner image and the bottom of the page. If clicked this will open the sponsor's social media page in a new tab within the attendee's browser.


Once you are happy with the basic details of your sponsor zone, you can select save to be taken back to the main sponsor console. Here there are a few more options that you may like to use:

Upload welcome video

This will embed a video in the center of your sponsor page beneath the description that will start playing automatically once attendees enter your sponsor zone.

Show sponsor name

Toggle this on to have the name of your sponsor appear beneath the logo image on the homepage and dedicated all sponsors page. This is useful if the logo is abstract and you would like to include a name label for attendees to see.


Additional tools

If you scroll down the page you will see a row of additional tools and sections for you to customize and manage your sponsor zone. These features may include:


This tab will showcase a log of all the interactions that attendees have had with your sponsor zone. Select the reference table to see an explanation of each reference activity.


This section will log all meetings that were requested/scheduled with one of your representatives (using the representatives tab of the interactive bar that lists attendees that hold a specific ticket that you can choose within the update section)


The analytics tab will show you top level metrics such as page views, number of interested attendees, asset views and attachment views.


The sessions tab will allow you to add/view/manage existing related sessions to your sponsor zone. 

Sessions - Breakout rooms

Also within the sessions tab, if associated, you're able to pull through breakout         

         sessions to appear within the sponsors page i.e. Having a Sponsor representative

         leading a discussion. 


This tab is for managing speakers that appear in your sponsor zone.


Use this tab to upload video content that will appear in a dedicated playlist row within your sponsor zone.


Add any files or hyperlinks for your attendees to view and download.

Interactive tab

See a log of all chat submissions in your zone's interactive bar and decide if the interactive bar is default open or closed.


Manage sponsor admins (non-event admins who have access to console component of this sponsor zone).

Your team

Highlight other attendees from your sponsor who are attending the event. These will appear at the bottom of your sponsor zone in a Netflix like tile row. If selected users will be taken to the attendee's profile in the event platform.

Ticketed attendees

See a list of representatives who hold the ticket that you assigned to your booth under the basic details section

Product list

Use this section to upload a product list for your attendees to view. You can include an image of the product, a title and a URL that the attendee will be redirected to if the image tile is selected.

Viewing your sponsor zone

Whether the event platform is in draft or live mode, sponsor admins will need to register with a ticket or be added manually in order for them to view and compare their sponsor zone assets from the attendee perspective.

Sponsor admins will simply need to select the view event option from the left hand side bar in order to be shown the front end of the platform. From there they will need to navigate to their sponsor zone either via the sponsor showcase section at the bottom of the homepage or via the sponsor option within the top navigation bar.